Advertising Print Design

NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Idearc Media, Supermedia

Graphic Designer/Production Artist/Illustrator with substantial experience in desktop publishing and graphic design in a corporate environment … demonstrate strong customer relationship management skills and a reputation for delivering effective solutions which satisfy and exceed the customer’s expectations and increase revenues … solid analytical, problem resolution, and multi-tasking talents … work closely with the sales organization to coordinate the design and production of effective customer advertising programs.

Graphic Designer/Sales Artist 1990-
(Supermedia LLC, Idearc Media,Verizon, Bell Atlantic, NYNEX)
Collaborate with sales organization and each customer to create a dynamic
advertising program that satisfies marketing directives and drives an increase
in business and profitability.
Work with a team of sales representatives as well as other designers, managers
and clerical staff from around the country to ensure that the Verizon Yellow
Pages is printed to meet high standards of quality, timeliness, and creativity.
Set up photo shoots; produce artwork, direct mail cards and Solutions Magazine;
contact clients for support material such as logos, copy points and affiliations.
Maintain strict pre-press/pre-flight guidelines and specifications for pagination
and print of Yellow Pages advertising programs.

SuperMedia Clients Say….

“While our operating results are very important, it is this kind of WOW service
that is critical to our success,” David Deighan, Client Care Manager, SuperMedia LLC …
“You have a real talent that I know others wish they had as well! Me included!”
Frank Gatto, Executive Vice President Operations, SuperMedia LLC … “I was thoroughly
impressed with the work you had done. I am sure our customers are impressed with
the ads you create,” Gary Hruska, Vice President Operations, SuperMedia LLC … “Thanks
so much for your help. You could not have been more helpful or prompt in what you
did in answering my concerns,” Michael J. Dunn, DDS … NYNEX Award of Excellence.

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