Gary Stearly


I am looking for a graphic design/illustrator position that will allow me to collaborate with a design/art team to create dynamic advertising programs that satisfy marketing directives and drives an increase in business and profitability for small, medium and large businesses.

I have worked with a team of designers, sales representatives, managers and clerical staff from around the country to ensure that projects meet the highest standards of quality, timeliness, and creativity.

A few of the hats I've worn as a designer have been, setting up photo shoots; produce artwork/illustrations, direct mail cards and high quality, glossy magazines. I work closely with clients to ensure the best quality support material such as logos, copy points and affiliations.

I pride myself on maintaining strict pre-press/pre-flight guidelines and specifications for pagination and print of advertising programs.

I am also a Fine Artist and Illustrator. I produce
fine art paintings in oil and watercolor, and Illustrations which have been exhibited and marketed in gallery settings in Boston and New York. As well as owning and operating/maintain several online apparel and accessory stores.

I also teach Digital Painting in photoshop and a Fine Art Figure Drawing class at Minuteman Career and Technical High school's Continuing Education program in Lexington, MA.

The ideal position for me would be something that allowed me to use as many of my skills as possible to create unique branding for clients.